Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More on MEK supporters lobbying for a listed terrorist group, so far without prosecution

Alyona Minkovski of the The Alyona Show did a segment on the MEK lobbying story, MSM: Ed Rendell MEK Investigation 03/13/2012:

The YouTube segment includes the following summary:

All we hear is non-stop election coverage coming from the mainstream media; we also keep hearing a myth perpetuated by pundits and GOP candidates that rising gas prices actually have something to do with who's in office. And the President recently has been repeating a line to the press, regarding the fear mongering over Iran, that beating war drums might have an effect. However, there's something else Alyona will focus on that also fits into this equation. There have been political ads advocating for the MEK, an exiled Iranian group, to be delisted from the State Department's list of terrorist organizations. The MEK wants a change in the power structure in Iran and so do a lot of people in Washington. We've discussed this before, that there are a number of politicians and officials that have been paid by the MEK to give speeches and advocate on their behalf.
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