Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today is the anniversary of the death of Eva ("Evita") Perón

Argentina this week is observing the 60th anniversary of the death of Eva ("Evita") Perón, which was on July 26, 1952.

I recently saw this film, Eva Perón (1996), whose screenplay was written by José Pablo Feinmann, a philosopher who has written extensively on Argentine political history, including a multi-volume work on Peronism. It's not as entertaining as Evita, the musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber. But it's one of the better movies I've seen about a politician. It strikes a good balance in giving the audience some understanding of the very complex nature of Peronism. It also does a good job of showing the tragedy and passion as well as the fanaticism of Evita.

Following are Spanish-language reports fro TV Público Argentina on Evita.

Homenaje a Evita en la Legislatura porteña 07/24/2012:

Obra y legado de Eva Perón 07/25/2012

Evita, en las imágenes del fotógrafo Mazzarotolo 07/26/2012:

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